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ISBN 978-0-977017-6-6
"But I Don't Want Eldercare!"
is the recipient of a 2010 Caregiver Friendly Award and the JPX Media International Book Award in the category of Health and Aging.
To purchase this book at a discounted price please visit the website for the Legal Center of Denver, Colorado.

Current Affiliations


Terry Lynch has been advancing the independent living cause since 1977, when he served as assistant to the Director of the White House Conference on Individuals with Disabilities. He then managed a federal disability rights program and had a key role in developing what is now the National Disability Rights Network. Terry left Washington, D.C. in 1985 to establish his speaking and consulting business in Racine, Wisconsin. He soon began living his work. Terry helped his mother remain at home for the next ten years, in spite of significant medical problems and a memory disorder that stole her ability to manage daily life. Through this illuminating personal experience and his work with other families, Terry learned that we have more control over the quality of our lives as we age than we realize, and how we can maintain this control.

Terry’s book, “But I Don’t Want Eldercare!” - Helping Your Parents Stay as Strong as They Can as Long as They Can has been praised as one of the “best books ever written on this topic.” His essay on making informed long-term care decisions is featured on the web site of the PBS documentary, “Almost Home”.

Prior to his involvement with the White House Conference on Individuals with Disabilities, Terry Lynch participated in government initiatives to improve education opportunities for low-income children and removed barriers to desegregation in Southern school districts. In 1980 Terry received an award from the Department of Health Human Services for initiating disability rights projects in minority communities. In 1985, the National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems honored him with its annual award for advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities.

Terry is actively involved in state and community efforts to reshape long-term care in Wisconsin, principally self-directed in-home services. In 2010 Terry accepted a fellowship with the Centre for Welfare Reform in the United Kingdom. The organization is dedicated to increasing social justice, promoting citizenship, strengthening families, and enriching communities.

Terry has participated in national projects unrelated to independent living:

  • In 1986 he assisted with the development of the Paid Educational Leave Program of the UAW-GM Center for Human Resources (United Auto Workers--General Motors)
  • In 2002 he worked with other trainers to introduce the federal Head Start Bureau’s “Exploring Parenthood” curriculum at regional conferences.

His clients have included:

  • In Control Partnerships - United Kingdom
  • National Center for Self-Determination
  • National Institute for Work and Learning
  • National Association of Protection and Advocacy Systems
  • Court Monitor, U.S. District Court of North Dakota
  • Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Bureau on Aging
  • Elder Care of Wisconsin
  • Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
  • Post Polio Colorado
  • Easter Seals Colorado

His positions include:

  • Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care - Board Chairman
  • Alzheimer's Association of Southeastern WI - Policy Advocacy Committee Member
  • Kenosha County Long Term Care Workforce Alliance -Legislative Committee Member
Terry Lynch Aging Strategies
was a finalist in the
Best of the Web 2012.


  • Terry is excited to be speaking at an international conference on self determination and aging in Glasgow, Scotland in March 2015.

    More information coming soon...
  • Terry was thrilled to collaborate on planning Wisconsin's first statewide conference on Self-Determination and Aging, held in June 2014.
  • Terry's guide to staying safe during hospital stays is essential reading for all families. It was co-published by The Management Group and the Centre for Welfare Reform.
  • Terry Lynch was honored with a Fellowship by the United Kingdom's Centre for Welfare Reform.
  • Ground Breaking Guide Offers Unique Strategies for Avoiding Parent's Premature Dependency on Eldercare Services - and on Their Children
  • Avoid the Quantum Leap: Make Informed Decisions Under Pressure.